== Summary ==
BLAS/LAPACK packages will be compiled against the FlexiBLAS wrapper
library, which will set OpenBLAS as system-wide default backend, and
at the same time will provide a proper switching mechanism that
currently Fedora lacks.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:iucar| Iñaki Úcar]]
* Email: i.ucar86 at gmail

== Detailed Description ==

BLAS and LAPACK are API standards for basic linear algebra operations
(such as vector and matrix multiplication). Fedora packages the
reference implementation from Netlib as well as several optimized
backends, such as ATLAS, BLIS and OpenBLAS. Historically, there have
been two unresolved issues regarding this API:

# '''Fedora lacks a system-wide default'''. Due to implementation
differences, it is important that all components of a particular
software stack link to the same BLAS/LAPACK implementation. Although
there have been [[Changes/OpenBLAS_as_default_BLAS|efforts]] to
standardize OpenBLAS as a system-wide default, they are incomplete.
# '''Fedora lacks a proper switching mechanism'''. Different
implementations work differently depending on the workload, but also
depending on whether the consumer of this API implements some kind of
parallelization, for instance. Therefore, users may want to choose a
particular implementation that works best for them at run time.
Mechanisms such as update-alternatives and modules have been discussed
in the past, but were considered improper (the former) or faced
technical issues (the former).

This change proposal aims to solve both issues at the same time with
minimal changes and minimal impact by using FlexiBLAS.

FlexiBLAS is a framework that wraps the BLAS/LAPACK API with
interfaces for both 32- and 64-bit integers. It provides runtime
exchangeable backends without recompilation, with a transparent
fallback mechanism to Netlib's reference implementation if a certain
symbol is not present in the selected backend. It also supports
flexible per-system/user/host configuration files and basic profiling.

Therefore, this change proposal requires:

# Recompilation of all BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages linking against
FlexiBLAS instead of the current implementation they are using (just
changing a BuildRequires line should be sufficient in most cases,
unless a SPEC has something hardcoded somewhere else).
# Changing the packaging guidelines to reflect this new requirement
for BLAS/LAPACK consumers (there is [[PackagingDrafts/BLAS_LAPACK| a
draft]] already.

In this way, all the BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages will automatically
use the system-wide default backend, set and centralized in the
FlexiBLAS SPEC, and will benefit from the straightforward switching
mechanism that FlexiBLAS provides.

== Benefit to Fedora ==

* '''Packaging of BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages will be easier and
safer'''. FlexiBLAS is 100% compatible with the reference API. It uses
optimized symbols that are present in the selected backend and
transparently falls back to Netlib for the missing ones, so
compatibility is always guaranteed.
* '''Provides a centralized way of managing the system-wide
default''', just by changing a global variable in the FlexiBLAS SPEC.
* '''Provides sysadmins with tools to manage the system-wide
configuration'''. FlexiBLAS ships system-wide configuration files to,
e.g., change the default or point to new backends. A CLI tool is also
provided to easily manage such configurations.
* '''Provides users with tools to switch the backend'''. This can be
managed by the same CLI tool too in user mode, and it generates
per-user configuration files.
* '''Provides developers with an API to hook into the BLAS/LAPACK API
calls'''. E.g., FlexiBLAS comes with a plugin that enables basic
profiling support.

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners: Modify the SPECs of the BLAS/LAPACK-dependent
packages to build against FlexiBLAS instead of the current backend
they are using.
* Other developers: Maintainers of the affected packages need to merge
the changes and rebuild. Alternatively, a provenpackager could help
with this process (it's 30-40 packages).

* Release engineering: N/A
* Policies and guidelines:
[ #995] Package
guidelines should be updated to require BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages
to link against FlexiBLAS.
* Trademark approval: N/A (not needed for this Change)

== Upgrade/compatibility impact ==
There is no upgrade/compatibility impact.

== How To Test ==
BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages should work normally, without any (new)
issue. To test the switching capabilities, testers may want to run a
BLAS/LAPACK benchmark. There are many out there for different
software, but we will describe the workflow for R as an example:

* Install R, which requires BLAS/LAPACK for operations with matrices.
* Run any benchmark involving calculations with matrices (e.g.,
R-benchmark-25.R provided by an R-core member
[ here]).
* Switch to the reference implementation:
 flexiblas -u default netlib
* Run the benchmark again. Timings should be much worse.

== User Experience ==
Users will have a new CLI tool, called flexiblas, which will allow
them to properly switch the BLAS/LAPACK backend without administrative
privileges and any compatibility issues.

== Dependencies ==
Packages depedent on the BLAS/LAPACK API will depend on FlexiBLAS
after this change. Maintainers of those packages are required to
collaborate to change their BuildRequires or, alternatively, this can
be done with the help of a provenpackager.

== Contingency Plan ==

* Contingency mechanism: Revert BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages to
their prior BuildRequires and rebuild them.
* Contingency deadline: Beta freeze.
* Blocks release? No.
* Blocks product? No.

== Documentation ==
See the 
README] of the upstream project and their
[ homepage] for
further information about FlexiBLAS.

== Release Notes ==

Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Senior Program Manager, Fedora & CentOS Stream
Red Hat
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