On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 8:25 AM Ben Cotton <bcot...@redhat.com> wrote:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/FlexiBLAS_as_BLAS/LAPACK_manager
> == Summary ==
> BLAS/LAPACK packages will be compiled against the FlexiBLAS wrapper
> library, which will set OpenBLAS as system-wide default backend, and
> at the same time will provide a proper switching mechanism that
> currently Fedora lacks.

I like this idea.  Comments below.

> # '''Fedora lacks a system-wide default'''. Due to implementation
> differences, it is important that all components of a particular
> software stack link to the same BLAS/LAPACK implementation. Although
> there have been [[Changes/OpenBLAS_as_default_BLAS|efforts]] to
> standardize OpenBLAS as a system-wide default, they are incomplete.
> # '''Fedora lacks a proper switching mechanism'''. Different
> implementations work differently depending on the workload, but also
> depending on whether the consumer of this API implements some kind of
> parallelization, for instance. Therefore, users may want to choose a
> particular implementation that works best for them at run time.
> Mechanisms such as update-alternatives and modules have been discussed
> in the past, but were considered improper (the former) or faced
> technical issues (the former).

I think the latter instance of "the former" should be "the latter". :-)

> # Recompilation of all BLAS/LAPACK-dependent packages linking against
> FlexiBLAS instead of the current implementation they are using (just
> changing a BuildRequires line should be sufficient in most cases,
> unless a SPEC has something hardcoded somewhere else).

Speaking as maintainer of several packages that use BLAS/LAPACK, I
think the effort required may be a bit more than this paragraph
suggests, but it is worth doing.  Thanks for working on this, Iñaki!
Jerry James
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