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== Summary ==
Establish a set of rules for Modular content in Fedora to ensure an
optimal user and packager experience.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Sgallagh| Stephen Gallagher]]
* Email:sgall...@redhat.com

== Detailed Description ==
Over the last several months, members of the Modularity WG and FESCo
have been working to establish a policy for module inclusion in
Fedora. We now have a proposal that FESCo requested be taken to the
Fedora community via the Change Proposal.

There is a preview of the new policy available at

As said in the modularity docs PR (but I cannot find it now, because pagure.io is down), I am not sure what is the outcome wrt default streams. Default streams are not allowed now. If this change proposal and the policy is approved, does it mean that:

1) default streams are still not allowed (and hence the default streams section of the policy is moot)

2) default streams are allowed (and hence it should be spelled out explicitly and this should be a system wide change proposal)

3) default streams are allowed in ELN, but not in non-ELN Fedora (and hence it should at least be said somewhere - in the policy or in the proposal)

4) something different?

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