> wade wrote:
>  > I'm partly set up to build kernels, I can give it a try at some point.
>  > 
>  > Ultimately though, just mouse position and clicking isn't nearly
>  > enough.  You *at least* need pressure information for a decent tablet
>  > painting experience.
> right -- i'm hoping someone with some tablet experience will
> point to some tool that does the right config of the tablet.

Well, I haven't yet figured out how to get an appropriate
OLPC kernel build set-up but from my investigation to date
it looks like the gtk.gdk class interface already has the
"smarts" to talk to tablets.

By default, Wacom USB tablets start out in a generic HID mode.
The application would need to recognize the tablet, then
enable the full tablet driver and configuration.


 From my reading of the gtk.gdk page it looks like those
should map directly to the tablet access info on the Wacom
HOWTO site.


There is even a command line utility to config
the tablet that could probably be integrated into the
Sugar shell process or Sugarized into an activity of sorts:



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