Wade Brainerd wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 12:49 PM, Chris Marshall 
>     Gary C Martin wrote:
>         On 7 Dec 2008, at 00:58, Wade Brainerd wrote:
>             Okay, Colors! v11 supports Wacom tablets, with pressure
>             sensitivity.
>             Instructions for setup are on the activity page, it's really
>             pretty
>             simple.
>             OLPC folks, it might be nice to update xorg-dcon.conf to
>             support Wacom
>             tablets, and to include the linuxwacom package in builds.  I
>             think
>             that deployments would be well served to have a few cheap
>             graphics
>             tablets available for art classes, etc.  If you're
>             interested, the
>             Colors! activity bundle contains the fixed xorg-dcon.conf.
>             http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Colors!
>             -Wade
>         Hey Wade, sounds great! Unfortunately I'm not having any luck
>         here  with an XO running 8.2-767 and an Intuos model Wacom
>         tablet. Any one  else had any success?
>         BTW: After yum has installed linuxwacom.i386 0:,
>         the  additions to xorg-dcon.conf made, and a reboot just to make
>         sure – If  I go look in /dev/input/ I still see no wacom device
>         listed.
>         --Gary
>     This is great news but it did not work on my setup:
>     os767 with a BambooFun tablet.
>     I do not see any entries for the wacom in /dev/input
>     and a wacdump of all the possible /dev/input/event#
>     entries showed all unknown.
>     For my yum install it pulled the same version as Gary
>     reported.
>      Had you done some previous installs that might have
>      done addition configuration or driver installs?
>      What version linuxwacom do you have?
>      What /dev/input entries?]
>      What do you see with wacdump for them?
>     Also, the sudo cp of the xorg-dcon.conf from the Colors!
>     instructions does not have the '!' in it and will not
>     work.  I had do su to run the command and escape the
>     '!' as a history expansion character with a backslash.
>     I was not able to get a combination of escapes that
>     would work with the sudo emulation...
>     --Chris
> Odd, thanks for the reports!  I already fixed the Wiki instructions. 
> I'm not sure what's different about my system, it's mostly stock 767.  I 
> had previously installed pgf's wacom.ko using insmod:
> http://dev.laptop.org/~pgf/wacom.ko
> to /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/usb/input/
> However, I assumed that the yum install linuxwacom overwrote it.  
> Perhaps not though, I'm new to Linux kernel modules.  Try grabbing and 
> installing that kernel module, and see if it magically works.

That was the missing step to the instructions.
I downloaded wacom.ko, did an insmod wacom.ko
as root and restarted X et. voila!

My test tablet was the small BambooFun by Wacom
with a tablet area almost exactly the same size
as the working area in Colors! on the XO.  I had
time to try out both size and opacity and it was
a pleasure to have the pressure sensitivity and
the fine control (although, the XO tablet mode
test routine showed that the existing hw was at
least capable of position resolution if not
pressure variability...).

The only catch is that the drawing output
lags the tablet strokes by quite a bit.  My
guess is that the event processing cannot
keep up with the data rate.  I seem to remember
that there was a driver configuration related
to that which might be used to throttle down
the fire hydrant.

Great job and many thanks, Wade!  If this
could be wrapped up in some sort of package
update it would be a *very* nice selling point
for the XO to the G1G1 customers/donors.

BTW, Colors! version 11 did not appear to have
the photo snap capability.  Was that removed?

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