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> That was the missing step to the instructions.
> I downloaded wacom.ko, did an insmod wacom.ko
> as root and restarted X et. voila!

Awesome!  I've update the wiki page with a link to a script that just does
it all for you.

> My test tablet was the small BambooFun by Wacom
> with a tablet area almost exactly the same size
> as the working area in Colors! on the XO.  I had
> time to try out both size and opacity and it was
> a pleasure to have the pressure sensitivity and
> the fine control (although, the XO tablet mode
> test routine showed that the existing hw was at
> least capable of position resolution if not
> pressure variability...).

Yeah, it's a shame that support was removed (via a driver rewrite which
ignores the PT) in recent kernel builds.  Otherwise, I was going to add it
at the same time.

> The only catch is that the drawing output
> lags the tablet strokes by quite a bit.  My
> guess is that the event processing cannot
> keep up with the data rate.  I seem to remember
> that there was a driver configuration related
> to that which might be used to throttle down
> the fire hydrant.

The mouse events go at a higher priority than the expose events, so the
screen update waits until you stop moving if it gets behind.  But, at the
end your entire stroke should appear.  I would be concerned about reducing
the update rate, it might lead to less accurate drawing.

I've got some optimizations planned to the C module which should make it
better, and I think there are some bottenecks in the X server that slow
things down and could be fixed, but my recommendation for now is to draw
slower :)

> Great job and many thanks, Wade!  If this
> could be wrapped up in some sort of package
> update it would be a *very* nice selling point
> for the XO to the G1G1 customers/donors.

I'd like to see the next OLPC Software Release contain the wacom drivers.
It would especially help activity developers prepare for XO-2.

BTW, Colors! version 11 did not appear to have
> the photo snap capability.  Was that removed?

See Nirav's response.  I'm also planning to add Paste support so you can
just snap the photo in Record (or whatever) and paste it into the Reference
image, then paint over that.

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