> Could you be more specific about what writes are failing?
Hi Michael!

Basically the problem is this one from the Opera Wiki page:
"There is at present an incompatibility between the Opera activity and
the OLPC Rainbow security system on some builds. If when you launch
the Opera activity, the screen goes blank and stays blank, you have
likely encountered that incompatibility."

> In the past, we've been able to achieve both isolation and a working
> activity (e.g. Scratch) with some easy filesystem tricks...
> Also, have you filed a bug? I've tried searching dev.laptop.org for
> "opera rainbow" but I didn't find any likely tickets...

My memory's kinda fuzzy, but I think I went straight to the guys at
Sugar Labs then asked over there (web form?)... basically the answer I
got was that we really can't do much about it because the standard
linux desktop version of the latest Opera rpms installs its files to
/etc/ and other system directories, and the new Rainbow Security
system requires that Activities only install and run from /home/
(olpc/ ?) or something like that, and the only way to fix it was to
modify Opera to install/run only from Rainbow-permitted directories
and that's not possible outside of Opera's organization because Opera
is closed-source.


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