Hi All,

I thought now that we're getting closer to the Fedora 11 freeze it
would be a good time for everyone to where they're at as we move
towards F-11/9.1.0/olpc-next.

I've been keeping the wiki page up to date as I go along and filling
in more details as I find out about them. The fixed list is slowly
growing shorter. If there are updates that aren't on the list at the
moment please add them, or reply with details so I can add it.

There is also a tracking page for issues with rawhide on w.l.o. It
would be nice if as issues are added the appropriate track/BZ number
is added to it so its easy to find out the current status of them.

The main and probably most major issues outstanding are the
kernel/boot process - so
kernel/initscripts/olpcrd/initscripts/upstart/rainbow collection of
stuff.... of which I have no real idea about. Updates?

The remaining issues are mostly either package deps or getting them into Fedora.

There's a couple of reviews of which I've had no response from the
submitter. These are 2 fonts packages (and I'm not sure of the state
of the other 2 'orphaned' ones but they're not listed as such in the
packageDB) as sugar-record.

olpcsound should disappear as soon as csound is updated to > 5.08 and
I've done most of the ground work on this (RHBZ 493107)

pygtk support for numpy finally landed in trunk this morning....
awaiting the date for a release and will then organise to get it into
Fedora and dependant packages updated from numeric to numpy if they
support it.

The final few things are the likes of abiword (which will have most
issues fixed for the next major release) and stuff which needs people
to submit review requests.

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