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> 1) After reboot, or after a brief period of inactivity, the system
> sometimes does not connect to network, or disconnects from the
> network, and shows nothing on the network neigborhood screen (many
> dots button), only the middle xo symbol, while there are many wireless
> networks around  - this happened at least five times in 6 hours of
> testing, either aftrer reboot or after a brief inactivity. No such
> problem on the XO1.0 system tested in parallel. This seems the biggest
> issue.

Thanks for the testing.  All B2 XO-1.5 machines (virtually all of the ones 
distributed outside of OLPC) cannot resume properly after suspending.  The WLAN 
will disappear and won't come back until you reboot.  This sounds exactly like 
the symptom you're seeing.  It's been fixed on later hardware and will be fixed 
in the production version, but it will never work properly on a B2 machine.  If 
you need WLAN access after suspend/resume (which will indeed occur after a 
"brief inactivity") use the Sugar Control Panel / Power settings to disable 
automatic power management - both checkboxes on that panel should be cleared).  
If you don't need WLAN operation, it is helpful if you don't clear this 
setting, so suspend/resume operation continues to be tested for more bugs.

        - Ed
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