> Ahem.   With XO-1.5, I feel that I AM shipping a "full-fledged Linux 
> PC" to every child.
> Since when did it take more than a GB of RAM and 4GB of disk to host 
> an IDE ?
> My point still stands: until Android supports its own development 
> tools, you are
> turning it's users into second class citizens.
Ahem. So you have installed Eclipse under Sugar and somehow developed 
and debugged a Sugar application what is nice... Wait! You did not!

So if we just ignore your Straw Man argument (you know what I have said 
that you need GBs or RAM to run the dx optimizer tool, not the IDE), the 
problem is still there that you only can run an usable development 
environment on a full Linux distro and you cannot even develop Sugar 
applications with it.

For the other people talking about IDEs: an usable IDE is not a text 
editor. The whole problem stems from the simple fact that you think that 
an IDE is just a text editor. While it is possible to develop 
applications even with ed (I used mcedit myself), I would rather poke my 
eyes out than to try to develop anything with Pippy again. What you do 
not want to recognize is that you are excluding a lot of developers who 
do not want to waste their time because of the lack of IDEs. In other 
words: because of resource constraints you have not made contributing 
code easy so you have resource constraints now.

And please stop this "who started developing code in more painful 
environments" race. I myself created several world records on the c64 
some 15+ years ago so I know exactly what was the norm at that time. But 
somehow I do not think that I can waste 10x the required time just 
because there were not more productive development environments existing 

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