I guess I don't understand "constructionism".

Is it reasonable to require that the development system run on the target
machine?    If Apple had this requirement, all of the iPhone/iPod/iPad
applications would be gone.   We wouldn't have any of the millions of
devices (mp3 players, routers, modems, fax machines, cell phones, etc.) that
have embedded processors not capable of running their development tools.
The XO is the target machine.   It's unreasonable to restrict development to
tools that run on the XO.   The FlashPlayer runs on the XO (with appropriate
OS underlying it).   That's more than sufficient to build rich educational
interactive constructionist applications.    This is an education project,
after all.    Developers in countries where the XO is targeted can surely
get a little netbook to run the Flash IDE as a development tool.    Even as
the hardware moves on to better, faster, bigger guts, even with radically
different processor architectures, the developed applications will still run
once the Flash player is ported to the new computers.


On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:42 AM, Chris Ball <c...@laptop.org> wrote:

> Hi,
>   >> has a free-open-source IDE (FlashDevelop) from a community,
>   > does this run on the XO?
> Nope.  We're to believe that Flash is appropriate for constructionism
> on the XO even though it doesn't allow XO users to construct anything.
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