I'm new to Mac and I want to port my .Net application in Mac.

I found this monobjc and the documentation is really helpful. However still
I'm unlucky to get a sample application to work on Mac.

I just followed the steps in Console Application tutorial but still I'm
getting this error.

Unhandled Exception: Monobjc.ObjectiveCException: The 'libmonobjc.2.dylib'
library was not found. Please check that you have correctly installed it.
---> System.DllNotFoundException: @executable_path/libmonobjc.2.dylib

I tried the below steps and got the same error,

1. Copied the libmonobjc.*.dylib to Mono.framework lib path at /Library
2. Tried with a script file suggested by this site
    I exported the dist directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in that script

My system details:
Mono version 2.6.1
Mac version 10.5.6 (ppc)
Monobjc 2.0.476.0

Please let me know what I'm missing.

One suggestion:
    In the tutorial
http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=console-application the picture
displays only the *.dll not *.dylib files, there is a possibility users can
miss to read the bullet points (like me).

Thanks in Advance,
Karthikeyan R

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