because of a email from Eric Butler I thought that MonoObjC isn’t further 
developed (sry, shame on me !)

Hi Thomas,

The Monobjc Monodevelop addin is no longer maintained.

I highly recommend using MonoMac 
(http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2010/Apr-19.html) instead of Monobjc in 

Sorry for the bad news,
- Eric

I converted my project to MonoMac but I had many problems/crashes
(Ok. Monomac is on an early stage…)

Today I saw that monobjc is updated to 3.0 and that are plugins for monodevelop 
!!! yeepy ☺

My question is should I go back to MonObjC ??

I think its much more stable !!! but , is it future proof ??

Any comment is welcome

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