Yo all

I have a fairly significant change coming to the orte part of the code base
that will require an autogen (sorry). I'll check it in late this afternoon
(can't do it at night as it is on my office desktop).

The commit will fix the singleton operations, including singleton
comm_spawn. It also takes the first step towards removing event-driven
operations, replacing them with more serial code (to be explained
separately). As part of all this, I had to modify the various pls
components. For those I could not compile, I made a first cut at them that
should (hopefully) allow them to continue to operate.

Any of you using TM: we discovered that the trunk is not working currently
on that environment. We are investigating - it has nothing to do with this
commit, but predates it.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Please refrain from making changes to
the orte codebase today, if you could - it would simplify the commit and
ensure we don't lose your changes.


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