In my Sabayon Vbox I had setup 4 disks as RAID software for tests

/dev/sda1 as /boot partition.
/dev/md0 - sda2+sdb1 stripping
/dev/md1 . sdc1+sdd1 mirroring

Starting SL-Live with "domdadm" kernel parameter , raid is detected

see :

When Anaconda starts all raid-arrays are removed so SL can't be
installed on RAID device 'cause /dev/mdX disks aren't recognized.

see :

Anaconda see 4 physical disks.

see :

I'v tried to run "anaconda-installer --mdraid" . no changes
Anaconda help show --dmraid as default parameter.

        Enable dmraid (Device Mapper software RAID) usage during the
installation (default).

Just running anaconda-installer --help , /dev/md* devices was removed. :O

Tnx for your time :)

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