What you need to do is use the resolver library plugin mechanism to implement your own script that decides which recipients are local or not. The script is invoked for each recipient. In your case it should simply return the current mmsc hostname and that should do the trick. (Look at config param resolver-library.)
On Jun 10, 2007, at 01:02, James Caradoc-Davies wrote:

I am attempting to use the Send MMS service to submit a message for
local delivery. However I am unable to get the gateway to accept the
message instead it says "Don't know how to route!"

The config is shown:


group = mbuni
name = "blux"
hostname = "mymmsc.com"
local-prefixes = 27
sendsms-url =
sendsms-username = xxx
sendsms-password = xxx
sendmms-port = 8888

group = send-mms-user
username = mms
password = mms

The idea is that Mbuni accepts the MMS via the HTTP-GET on port 8888
and stores the message, then originates a wap push to the sendsms-url
to initiate the delivery sequence.

The messages are NOT accepted for local delivery - I want ALL messages
to be for local delivery. I have tried unified-prefix with no
improvement. Still "Don't know how to route!"

[I have noticed about 10 test messages came through but cannot isolate
the config that worked - that was six hours ago]

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