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> > But ntpq has likely never been used in any scripts, and is so
> > broken in so many ways that I'd prefer to just start all over.   
> That sounds like you won't object if I "experiment" with the current
> code.

Have at it.
> If you were starting over, what would you do?  I think there are two
> parts to that question.  One is the on-wire API.

I think we are stuck with that part.  RFC's right?

> The other is the UI?  Do you prefer fancy click-around GUIs, or
> dumb/simple CLI with text output?

I'm for a nice little text output CLI tool.  Mostly for quick data 
visualization on very dummb servers.  Maybe with an optional csv output
so it can be used in a tool chain.

The first thing I would do is auto scale the output.  Hardly anyone
remembers the output of 'ntpq -p' is all in milli seconds.  Even less
often is millis seconds the best range.  I like how chronyc does the
auto ranging.

Many of the pages should be mashed up.  Data is just spread out all over
in a jumbled fashion.  Recently here someone was complaining that to
look at 'rv' data in ntpq you had to first go find out the association
ID of a peer (with associations), even though you already had the IP or
refclock number.

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