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> > I was unaware of RFC 4180, and it mandates CRLF as line ending, not
> > the \n that I used.  I just pushed a fix to this.  Someone familiar
> > with RFC4180 should check the format is correct.   
> My guess is that's for network traffic rather than local files.  If
> you make a local file with your local line ending, the web stuff
> should do the conversion when it sends out a text file.

Too much work.  I can't tell when the file is written how it will
be used, and RFC 4180 makes no such exceptions.  I'm just gonna do
the RFC4180 version.  Been a long time since I have had sompatibilty
problems with CSVs.  Spreadsheet programs are pretty forgiving now.

> What does python do with \n?

Nothing, just another character.

> Another guess is that you shouldn't use \n but rather
> writeline.

Then I have to write line by line, very inefficient.  It was trivial to
just change \n to \r\n.

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