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07:45 <@esr> ianbruene: I knew the snmpd project would lead to much yak
shaving. This is actually part of the reason I viewed it it as a good training opportunity. When you're not under time pressure and can thus afford to get the bovid tonsuring *right* - well, that is the Tibetan spelling of "learning opportunity". Or should

I was already on the verge of calling it, given the above I am now Officially Calling SNMP support as slipping past 1.0.

The pattern of recent development has been: work on ntpsnmpd for a few minutes, go shave a dozen yaks in I see no reason why this would change by very much before ntpsnmpd is near complete. And that is before counting the Yaks I already know should be shaved without any specific trigger from ntpsnmpd.

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