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> > > Can OnCore be supported by gpsd?  
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> > It presently is supported by gpsd.  Not that it is worth supporting.
> > The Oncore is old, undocumented, and not up to most any modern GNSS
> > quality.  
> I changed my mind about that 30 minutes ago in the middle of an
> interesting conversation with a guy named Richard Hambly. He trades
> as CNS Systems, and supplies an OnCore-based GPS clock with holdover
> called a CNS Clock II.  Eskil mentioned this thing in issue #608; I
> called CNS systems to find out how it ships 1PPS and ended up having
> a long and *very* friendly chat with the proprietor.
> https://www.cnssys.com/cnsclock/CNSClockII.php

That says it is based on the LEA-M8

I thought we were talking about Oncore?

> He too thinks the OnCore is obsolete and in the process of changing
> his stuff over to ship u-blox binary packets.  *But* I liked him and I
> think he has the potential to be a good friend of this project, so I
> told him we'll refrain from outwright dropping the OnCore driver 
> until his switchover is done.

Any link to the Oncore based product?  Does he really use the
TSIP protocol?  Any doc?

> Next thing I'm going to do is revise our OnCore driver docs to add his
> gear as a compatible hardware product.

Can we get one to test?

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