Hey everyone.

Jos, Daniel and I have been working hard on an ownCloud Pi device
solution based on Snappy Ubuntu Core[1]. We're finally to the point
where we have something to share!

This solution is based on Snappy Ubuntu Core 16.04, which the astute
reader will notice is not yet released. Both Ubuntu Core and this
solution are in beta, but they're also both usable and we'd love to get
some people testing them!

So the ownCloud Pi device consists of a Raspberry Pi 2 and an external
hard drive. This solution provides two images-- one for the SD card, and
one for the external hard drive. The SD card is then used to boot, while
the hard drive is used for the writable stuff (including hosting the
ownCloud data, of course).

These images are located here:


Note that the images are compressed-- use unxz to decompress (or xzcat
if you want to do it on the fly while using `dd`). The `bootable.img`
should be flashed to the SD card, and the `writable.img` to the hard
drive. For a quick walkthrough of how to do that, or if you want to
generate your own images, go here:


You'll notice there are actually three images there. The
`owncloud-pi.img` is for those of you who don't have an external drive
but would still like to test this out on your Raspberry Pi 2. In that
case, just flash that image to your SD card and away you go. Your
ownCloud data will simply go on the SD card with everything else.

After you've flashed both the SD card and the hard drive, you should be
able to insert the SD card, connect the hard drive, connect it to your
router via an ethernet cable, apply power, and (once it's up) visit
`owncloud.local`, where it'll ask you to create an admin account. The
rest should look familiar :) .

Note that you can also SSH to the device using `owncloud.local`; the
username/password is ubuntu/ubuntu. Keep in mind that this uses Snappy--
no apt-get, no .debs.

Again, this is in beta, and it could use some good testing if you're
willing. There are also many features we'd like to add if you want to
help, which is where I'll turn it over to Jos: the Man with the Vision.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

[1]: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/

Kyle Fazzari (kyrofa)
Software Engineer
Canonical Ltd.

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