Hi Joachim,

I think it will be the at86rf231-driver (in near future). @thomaseichinger is currently working on the refactoring according to the network restructuring. There is still no PR but as far as I know the progress is well. I think it's wise to wait at least until this driver is merged, as it acts as a proof-of-concept for network devices. I assume there won't be many changes to the netdev API. So if you cannot wait with this for time reasons, the potential adoptions might be small (I hope :-) ).


Am 20.02.2015 um 07:25 schrieb Joakim Gebart:
Dear RIOT developers,
  - Which radio driver is the most up to date with regards to the
network stack restructuring work being done in #2278?
  - How stable is the radio device API currently? Are there any more
API changes coming?
  - Would it be wise to wait until the restructuring todo list is
mostly checked off until starting work on implementing a new radio
device driver?
  - Which driver would be best to use as an example of a fully
compliant radio driver?

I am looking at implementing a driver for a new radio chip, but I do
not want to have to redo the work again in a couple of weeks because
of the network refactoring...


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