Hi Joakim,

as of today, I PRed a new version of the Xbee S1 radio driver[1], which is build 100% on the new netdev interface. I think it makes a good reference implementation for radio drivers, even if it is through it's UART interface a little different from others drivers we are supporting...

So to my opinion, the netdev interface can be considere as stable (I expect only very minor changes). So if you want to go ahead implementing your new driver, now is a good time as any!


[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/2695

On 20.02.2015 07:25, Joakim Gebart wrote:
Dear RIOT developers,
  - Which radio driver is the most up to date with regards to the
network stack restructuring work being done in #2278?
  - How stable is the radio device API currently? Are there any more
API changes coming?
  - Would it be wise to wait until the restructuring todo list is
mostly checked off until starting work on implementing a new radio
device driver?
  - Which driver would be best to use as an example of a fully
compliant radio driver?

I am looking at implementing a driver for a new radio chip, but I do
not want to have to redo the work again in a couple of weeks because
of the network refactoring...


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