On Sun, 19 Oct 2003, Carlo Gebhardt wrote:

>I have writen an xkb layout for the Logitech Elite Keyboard.
>Maybe someone can use it or it will be included into XFree.

All code submissions and patches, should be filed in bugzilla at:  
http://bugs.xfree86.org as individual uncompressed file 
attachments (not cut and pasted into the comment field).  All 
patches should be in the unified diff format and created against 
the current CVS head preferably.  A unified diff can be created 
by doing:

diff -Naur xc.orig xc > yourpatch.patch

Where xc.orig is the original unmodified XFree86 source tree, and 
"xc" is a copy of the tree with your modifications.  There are 
other methods of generating unified diffs which are faster and/or 
use less disk space, but this one is the easiest to explain.

Hope this helps.

Mike A. Harris

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