in order to reach broader audience I'll post my recent twm activities
besides  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  here as well (assuming these
audiences do not 100% cover)... :-)

For twm users here are two patchsets introducing truetype font support
into twm in two steps.

(1) twm-1.0.3-MyFont_ChangeGC.tgz cleans up some bitmap font rendering
infrastructure as a preparatory step.

(2) twm-1.0.3-TWM_USE_XFT.tgz then applied ontop introduces truetype
font support enclosed in "#ifdef TWM_USE_XFT".

So compile with  -DTWM_USE_XFT  -I/usr/include/freetype2  -lXft

Then insert

TitleFont       "sans-9"
MenuFont        "sans-9"
IconFont        "sans-9:bold"
IconManagerFont "sans-9"
ResizeFont      "sans-10:bold"

into .twmrc and have fun!

How it looks like you can see at


(Opacity visible there is not yet finished and present here.)

Step (1) actually does nothing in appearance and in speed, but as
intended, all bugs, if any, should come in here.

Step (2) then effectively only replaces XmbDrawString() by
XftDrawString8() for text rendering in util.c so any performance or
memory footprint issues coming up disclose problems hopefully only in xft.

I tried to keep the "Hamming distance" to the original xorg twm-1.0.3
source code minimal, i.e. touch as few code lines as possible.

If you are a twm user, please test it; what do you think? :-)


    Eeri Kask

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