On Wed, 26 Sep 2007, Eeri Kask wrote:
Marc Aurele La France wrote:
On Tue, 18 Sep 2007, Eeri Kask wrote:
So compile with  -DTWM_USE_XFT  -I/usr/include/freetype2  -lXft

Then insert

TitleFont    "sans-9"
MenuFont    "sans-9"
IconFont    "sans-9:bold"
IconManagerFont    "sans-9"
ResizeFont    "sans-10:bold"

If you are a twm user, please test it; what do you think? :-)

I have refit this to our current source.  However, I don't think the
default fonts `twm` uses should be changed as doing so will surprise
many users.  It appears that restoring the previous defaults would only
require additional changes to InitVariables() in twm.c and GetFont() in


Wait, please, don't commit yet!  :-)


I am afraid we need to change "fixed" and "variable" in twm.c if Xft is
included because xft-subsystem crashes (at least mine) if one uses these
in XftFontOpenXlfd(), probably because these names are not
XLFD-compliant. (xft should not crash because of that, but it is xft's
problem, not ours.)  So as long as default font names (or user-specified
font names in .twmrc) are xlfd-conform one can use these as usual, in
that regard nothing has changed.  If I am correct the choice of "fixed"
as a default font is always justified by the fact that this font is
guaranteed present in every X11 installation and so it is a very
reasonable decision.  Concerning xft I believe having read Keith Packard
"sans", "serif" and "mono" should be expected included in every xft
installation, so I chose "sans-10" and "mono-10" as a replacement for
"variable" and "fixed" in twm.c.
This is the story to that decision. :-)

This can be remedied with the use of XListFonts().


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