Marc Aurele La France wrote:
>>    xcompmgr -c -o 0.5 -r 6 -t -6 -l -9  &
>> in the background, this has no effect on anything.
>> I found two keywords the only solution as menus and icons have too
>> different transparency values in order to configure them with one
>> keyword.  I have  "MenuOpacity 245" and "IconOpacity 200" in .twmrc.
> This one is X.Org-specific as it relies on an extension not provided by
> XFree86.

It makes sense if I extract the iconmanager window entry drawing from
(4)-"Appearance" patchset and move it to (6)-"Improvements"; then swap
(4) and (3)-"Opacity", so patches (1)...(3) replace bitmap font
rendering with xft including all vertical spacing changes, and these
improvements can be treated as a whole.   So I'll do that.

>> [....] Concerning xft I believe having read Keith Packard
>> "sans", "serif" and "mono" should be expected included in every xft
>> installation, so I chose "sans-10" and "mono-10" as a replacement for
>> "variable" and "fixed" in twm.c.
>> This is the story to that decision. :-)
> This can be remedied with the use of XListFonts().
> Marc.

I don't quite catch your suggestion, please help, be more specific. :-)

It seems XftFontOpenName() is quite robust, even if I give it '\0'
character as a font name, it returns a quite good "replacement".  So the
easiest way would be to rely on the smartness of XftFontOpenName()?

(In fact, I suspect we will never know for sure if our requested font is
really what we get out of XftFontOpenName() in the end, so maybe it
doesn't make much sense to do lots of work in formulating the
fallback/default replacement request?)


    Eeri Kask
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