Marc Aurele La France:
> The point of using XListFonts() is that it'll resolve "fixed" & "variable" 
> to their respective XLFDs which can then be passed to XftFontOpenXlfd().

I have installed Xorg 7.2.0 release and here XListFonts() returns
"fixed" if called with "fixed", which XftFontOpenXlfd() unfortunately
cannot load.  Maybe this is a bug in XftFontOpenXlfd() or in
XListFonts(), it actually doesn't matter;  but as long as it is so
coding "fixed" as a default (at least for 7.2.0) is very inconvenient
for the end user (as there is as is no DefaultFont keyword to change the
default font), in fact resulting in twm being unusable.

Some possible solutions: (1) agree on a different than "fixed" font
which XftFontOpenXlfd() in all X11-implementations can definitely load;
(2) let "mono-10" or some other ttf-font be the default if XFT is
compiled in.  (1) makes not that much sense in the case one has to drop
"fixed" anyway.

(Regarding other aspects in XFT-font loading code I followed your


    Eeri Kask
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