On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:
On Mar 4, 2008, at 15:37, Marc Aurele La France wrote:
On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:
I noticed the following - XAACopyArea() only attempts to use accelerated WriteImage() when writing to a DRAWABLE_WINDOW but not on off-screen pixmaps. I used the following changes to make it work:

diff -u -w -r1.1.1.3 xaaCpyArea.c
- --- xaaCpyArea.c      9 Jun 2001 15:09:02 -0000
+++ xaaCpyArea.c        3 Mar 2008 20:51:05 -0000
@@ -64,9 +64,16 @@
          return (XAABitBlt( pSrcDrawable, pDstDrawable,
                pGC, srcx, srcy, width, height, dstx, dsty,
                XAADoBitBlt, 0L));
+       } else {
+           if(infoRec->ScreenToScreenBitBlt &&
+            CHECK_ROP(pGC,infoRec->ScreenToScreenBitBltFlags) &&
+            CHECK_ROPSRC(pGC,infoRec->ScreenToScreenBitBltFlags) &&
+            CHECK_PLANEMASK(pGC,infoRec->ScreenToScreenBitBltFlags))
+            return (XAABitBlt( pSrcDrawable, pDstDrawable,
+               pGC, srcx, srcy, width, height, dstx, dsty,
+               XAADoImageWrite, 0L));

This does not look correct. Shouldn't this be more in line with the case where the destination drawable is a window? (i.e. test bitsPerPixel's and WritePixmap files instead of ScreenToScreenBitBlt).

The whole logic looks a little bit fishy, I used the first if()'s source-in-memory branch first but wasn't quite sure if that's doing the right thing, where it;s now looked better to me but I won't claim I completely understand XAA's inner voodoo. All I want is the make XAA use ImageWrite()s for all RAM-to-VRAM transfers if the driver supports it.

You could check that the change doesn't introduce additional xtest failures.

Otherwise, teaching the framebuffer layer to cope with a tiled framebuffer might be necessary in the long run, any pointers where to start?

By design, this is a driver issue, as it is responsible for providing VRAM access to the rest of the server.


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