On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:
Otherwise, teaching the framebuffer layer to cope with a tiled framebuffer might be necessary in the long run, any pointers where to start?

By design, this is a driver issue, as it is responsible for providing VRAM access to the rest of the server.

Really. Now /that/ was helpful. Guess I'm on my own here.

Not really. This sounds like the kind of thing that is right up the mibank screen wrapper's alley, assuming the tiles are all the same size.

mibank can interoperate with any other screen wrapper (including XAA), except shadowfb, because the later is not a true screen wrapper.

An example of the use of mibank can be found in ATIPreInit() and ATIScreenInit(). Mine, that is; not X.Org's lobotomised imitations of same.


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