Patch #254 - 2010/1/6

     * add  a  configure-check to eliminate install-ti rule from Makefile
       when  the system has no tic (terminfo compiler) program. This lets
       one use the install-full rule more consistently.
     * amend  change  to  WriteText() function in [258]patch #252 to take
       into  account  the  colorAttrMode  resource  (report  by Krzysztof
     * document titleModes resource in manpage, added in [259]patch #252.
     * modify tcap-query table entries for shifted up/down cursor keys to
       match ncurses convention.
     * improve  lookup  of  termcap-query  data,  allowing  for duplicate
       keycodes versus missing entries.
     * add control sequence which can be used to modify the terminal data
       used for the termcap-keyboard.
     * improve   portability   of   tcap-query  feature,  using  terminfo
       functions in preference to termcap on systems having terminfo.
     * improve font-setting/querying control (OSC 50):
          + when TrueType font is selected, the TrueType faceName will be
            set, rather than the bitmap font.
          + when  TrueType font is selected, querying returns the name of
            the TrueType font.
          + querying  a font recognizes the relative-font convention that
            setting a font could use.
     * add menu-entry for allowColorOps.
     * add  new  resources  for  fine-tuning menu entries: allowColorOps,
       disallowedColorOps, disallowedFontOps and disallowedTcapOps.
     * correct logic for disabling the "TrueType Fonts" menu item; it was
       not ensuring that the faceName resource value was non-empty.
     * implement VT520-style controls DECSMBV and DECSWBV for setting the
       margin- and warning-bell volume.
     * fix  a  minor  error from [260]patch #243 which made the zIconBeep
       feature use a minor-error tone rather than an informational tone.
     * add a null-pointer check for the case where renderFont resource is
       true,  but  faceName  resource  is  unset,  used in logic to strip
       "xft:"  prefix  from  [261]patch  #251  changes  (patch by Michael
     * add  special  case  to  configure  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE  macro  to  use
       extensions on Darwin (patch by Dennis Preiser).
     * improve  configure  checks  for  regular  expressions  header  and
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey

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