Patch #255 - 2010/1/21

     * rename  to  install-sh  in  case  suffix-rules  might
     * extend  range  for  convertToUTF8 function to full 31-bits, to use
       with printing, etc.
     * improve  manpage  by  checking  for  actual locations of utmp/wtmp
       files (Debian #562640).
     * modify  configure  macro  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE  to  remove  -D's before
       adding  the  same  name  rather  than  relying  on -U's, to reduce
       redefinition  warnings  for  some  platforms that have conflicting
       definitions in headers.
     * correct  logic used to switch to alternate screen using FIFO-lines
       configuration (Debian #565772).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey

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