2012/1/29 -
     * improve   portability   of  the  iconv  configuration  by  checking
       alternate forms for the encoding name passed to iconv_open.
     * add  configure  check for working posix_openpt, which may be broken
       in Mac OS X's current release 10.7 Lion (report by Kirby Zhou).
     * add  some  error  checking  for  the poll and select logic to avoid
       looping when a file descriptor is no longer valid.
     * improve  configure  check  for working poll function to avoid using
       Mac OS X's broken implementation (tested with Darwin 10.8.0).
     * updated configure script macros:

                modify  check  to  exclude Darwin 9.x and lower from using
                posix_openpt.  Bug report for xterm by Christian Ebert for
                9.8.0 says screensize does not work for the pty.

        CF_XOPEN_SOURCE fixes for redefinition of _XOPEN_SOURCE on a few
                platforms: Mac OS X, IRIX64. Also workarounds for header
                inconsistencies with OpenBSD and MirBSD.

Thomas E. Dickey

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