Patch #280 - 2012/06/24

     * add    configure    check    to    work    around    warning   from
       desktop-file-install   for   "Encoding",   noting   that  it  emits
       deprecation warnings without providing its version information.
     * add  configure  option  --with-icon-theme  to tell xterm whether to
       install  into  an  icon  theme,  defaulting  to  "hicolor"  (Redhat
       #755206, #799614 and #804279).
     * change  --with-icondir  to  look  for "icons" directory rather than
       "pixmaps"  by  default.  Add  new  option --with-pixmapdir to allow
       these two uses to be installed concurrently.
     * modify  configure options --with-app-defaults and --with-icondir to
       accept  "auto"  as  value  to  look  for  existing  directory  from
       well-known locations.
     * add  missing codes for secondary DA response which tell the type of
       terminal as in the primary DA response.
     * update  primary  DA  response for VT420 to include user windows and
       horizontal scrolling.
     * add  modifyKeyboard resource to support keypad-modifier changes per
       request  by  Thomas  Wolff  add  XK_Home / XK_End to editing-keypad
     * add back-tab key kB to termcap entries to match the terminfo.
     * update  terminfo  to  match corresponding entries in ncurses, e.g.,
       add XT and adjust sgr string for xterm-bold entry.
     * add  configure  options  to  predefine the most commonly customized
       resources  for  terminal-settings, use those to substitute into the
       manpage   the  corresponding  compiled-in  values:  altSendsEscape,
       backarrowKey,   backarrowKeyIsErase,  deleteIsDEL,  metaSendsEscape
       (Redhat #819588).
     * change  default  emulation  level  to  VT420 (discussion with Ailin
     * improve  logic  for DECSCL; patch 279 partly enforced limitation of
       this to higher-level emulations. This patch finishes that change.
     * improve   check   for  base  of  combining  characters,  preventing
       combination  when  cursor  movement  has intervened. Mosh's webpage
       gives two different examples of this, with other causes ascribed to
       the behavior.
     * modify  IL/DL  to  set  cursor  to  first  column on row for better
       VT102/VT220 compatibility (prompted by code review of mosh).
     * separate  state-table  entries  for  DECSC/DECRC  from the ANSI.SYS
       save/restore  cursor,  since the latter conflicts with DECSLRM when
       DECLRMM  is  enabled  since  patch  #279  (report/analysis by Ailin
     * fixes  to  avoid using SIGCHLD handler of main program in printer's
       subprocess (report by Joe Julian).
     * correct restore-parameter for mouse-modes from patch #279 changes.
     * add null-pointer checks to input-method caching added in patch #277
       to  fix  a  problem in the exposure code, when deselecting a window
       (report by Kriston Rehberg).
     * unset  DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID  environment variable to lessen confusion
       on  the  part  of  GTK  applications which use the variable without
       checking it (report by John Little).

Thomas E. Dickey

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