Patch #284 - 2012/10/14

     * amend configurability changes for icons from patch #283, moving the
       new  functionality  to the iconHint resource to avoid conflict with
       existing  uses of the iconName resource in the Shell widget (report
       by Emanuel Haupt).
     * fix documentation errata (reports by Miroslav Lichvar):
          + correct manpage default for allowTcapOps (see patch #243
          + modify  documentation  for configure --enable-backarrow-key to
            match the script (see patch #280).
          + fix  typo  in  in  patch  #283,  which  made  the
            leading-cap "Xterm" become "xterm" (patch by Miroslav).
     * fix  two  typos  in from patch #283 changes; one broke
       the --regex configure option (report by H Merijn Brand).

Thomas E. Dickey

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