Andrew Beekhof <> writes:

>> On 10 Oct 2016, at 8:45 PM, Adam Spiers <> wrote:
>> Kristoffer Gronlund <> wrote:
>>> We've discussed moving cluster-glue to and the ClusterLabs
>>> organization, but no one has actually done it yet. ;)
> I’m not sure I realised that.
> I’ve created a blank repo, just:
> git remote add origin
> git push -u origin master
> I cheated and used the same team as crmsh, let me know if you’d prefer a 
> separate one.


I have imported the cluster-glue repository, so it should now be in the
same state as the mercurial repository. I also updated the README to
actually contain a brief description of the project (stolen from the wiki).

What remains is to update the mercurial repository and the
wiki to point to the github repository instead of the hg one. Dejan or
Lars, could you take care of this part?


>> Out of curiosity what needs to be done for this, other than the
>> obvious "git push" to github, and maybe updating a README / wiki page
>> or two?
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