Dear all

My well-intentioned changes to unbreak the building of the OS X builds for 
5.4.0 have apparently had unexpected consequences. After reviewing the 
situation, I've created to fix the 
issues (note: updates for Windows pending). Once that one is in 5.4 and merged 
to 5.5, I'll submit another fix for 5.5 changing the configure behaviour.

configure option:               Qt 5.4.0                Qt 5.4.1                
Qt 5.5†
 none                           configure1      runtime         configure2
 -dbus                          runtime         runtime         configure2
 -dbus-linked                   linked          linked          linked
 --dbus=runtime         runtime         runtime         runtime
 -no-dbus                       disabled                disabled                

 * runtime: dynamically open libdbus-1 at runtime
 * linked: link to libdbus-1
 * configure1: check at configure time if libdbus-1 is present in the system 
   and then enable "runtime" mode
 * configure2: check at configure time if libdbus-1 is present in the system;
   if it is, enable "linked" mode, otherwise "runtime"

In other words: starting with Qt 5.4.1, QtDBus will be enabled FOR ALL BUILDS. 
The library is safe enough in dynamic mode that it will simply say that it 
could not connect to the bus or peer, so it should not be a problem to have it 

†: unless we get the rewrite to drop libdbus-1 requirements in time for 5.5, 
but I think it's unlikely. Maybe Qt 5.6.
Thiago Macieira - thiago.macieira (AT)
  Software Architect - Intel Open Source Technology Center

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