On Thursday 11 December 2014 14:14:06 Morten Johan Sørvig wrote:
> I’m wondering, do we want to keep the “none” behavior to “runtime” for OS X?
> libdbus-1 (and pkg-config) may be installed for two reasons:
> 1) As a dependency for Qt.
> 2) As a dependency for something else (some other homebrew package, or an
> unrelated dev project).
> I think 2) is more common, and that a default Qt build should use stock OS X
> only.

Task QTBUG-14131 asks to make "runtime" the default on OS X but "linked" the 
default everywhere else. That's how I started with 

However, I later decided to remove the OS X-specific check. Why have it in the 
first place? The reason why we concluded in that task to ask for the runtime as 
the default for OS X was because we required the libdbus-1 headers. Now we 
don't: we can compile QtDBus without libdbus-1, which is the default situation 
in OS X.

In any case, I just think we shouldn't special-case it.

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