To me this is amazing news. I'm using DBus on all platforms since nearly 2
years and always had to build Qt myself instead of using the official
installers because of missing QtDBus libraries. They are shipped for Mac OS
X meanwhile, but Windows was still a burden.

2014-12-11 9:40 GMT+01:00 Blasche Alexander <>:

> Personally, I think it is rather useless to enable QtDBus on for example
> Windows. Yes, its better cross-platform programming and there are some
> esoteric guys/projects who use dbus at this stage on Windows. However the
> default setting to enable it for the esoteric use case means you ship tons
> more code for nothing. Alternatives might have been to only enable it when
> specifically requested only (aka change your configure2 option to disabled
> on windows if no dbus option passed) or even compile the lib against some
> no-op code (which would satisfy the true cross platform development use
> case). I guess you might argue that QtDBus is not that large but without
> more strict qmake changes you may create more code to be shipped in other
> modules/projects too.

I don't think my project or myself is esoteric. As said DBus is used by my
application successfully on all platforms including Windows for over two
years now. libdbus is running on Windows for even longer. Several people
have stated in this mailing list, they would appreciate QtDBus to be
shipped also on Windows. I wonder on which facts you have based the
statement that this is useless. Were there any problems reported, did
anyone complain it is not working etc? IMHO there are only few people using
it on Windows, because it hasn't been shipped yet and not everyone is
building Qt themselves.

DBus is a great cross platform solution and it is good to enable it on all
platforms. If someone doesn't like it, don't use it.
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