On 16/09/16 03:07, Christian Kandeler wrote:
Stephen Kelly wrote:

My previous guess about Qbs being able to generate unknown files in a
particular location and then determine them by an 'ls' equivalent, moc
them and compile everything is not something Qbs would be able to do.
I'm having trouble parsing this, but if you mean that your previous guess was wrong, then 
I can tell you it was not; that's exactly what we do for "blackbox tools".

It is probably less confusing for you in the context of the previous email I wrote (you didn't respond to that one - I started with "There is no input file. There is only an input number."). Feel free to go back to read that one and hopefully respond to it.

I'm still interested in a Qbs solution to the code/repo I posted before.
A full and preferably working Qbs solution, instead of a snippet, would
be good for comparison.
That's more than I'm willing to invest during my vacation, but I might come 
back to you later there.

Great, thanks!

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