I was using CMake for several years (and still forced to use it now),
however i moved all my projects to QBS for one reason - CMake is too
complex. It has great documentation, but it can't be used without it; on
the contrary, qbs is very intuitive. I don't have to remember tons of
variables like CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR, CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR (there is also
PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR!) with qbs, property names are simple. Every complex
task lead to tons of code with CMake, it's hard to maintain those scripts.
I don't want to do that complex job maintaining buildsystem, i want to
write code.
Yes, if a project will use both CMake and QBS build systems, all the
variables and logic will be almost the same; however qbs is much clearer
and easier.
I tried to create a simple project with typical usecases - libraries,
tests, app bundles that uses both CMake and QBS, but i didn't have time to
finish the cmake part https://github.com/ABBAPOH/qbsfish (not sure if it
even works).
For now, cmake scripts looks much easier, but adding new features is rather
painful - i have to use the docs all the time.

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