On Monday 17 October 2016 11:12:23 Edward Welbourne wrote:
> Liang Jian said:
> >    I would not to say "still reachable" simply means the allocation is
> >
> > not leaked.
> Whether you call it a leak or not is just a matter of labelling; what
> matters is resource use.  Does it increase without limit ?  If it
> doesn't, I'm not too fussed whether you call it a leak: it would, of
> course, be nice to use less of any resource, but a bounded amount of
> one-off resource use (that exit() releases) isn't a big deal (unless
> it's a very big allocation).

Please don't equate 'resource' with 'memory'. Memory is just one of many 
resources a program may have acquired, and the _only_ resource which does not 
need to be released at program exit.


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