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Gesendet: Tuesday, 29 November, 2016 12:08
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Betreff: Re: [Development] Qt 5.9

> And how to encourage users to use online installers instead of offline ones? 
> One solution could be that we start using online ones at
> first & bring offline ones later. Earlier we have released beta with offline 
> only so should we do this differently with Qt 5.9: 
> Qt 5.9 alpha: src only
> Qt 5.9 beta: online only
> Qt 5.9 rc & final: online + offline

I hope it's okay to chime in here as a non-developer, but I would actually 
really be happy about that!

I really like to test beta-versions on Windows, but can't justify installing a 
completely new Qt environment (including another Creator instance with its own 
kits and settings).

If the beta was available in the online installer, I would happily start 
testing today!
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