I've been working for a few weeks on bringing the Debian package up to
date and getting it fully working with the latest Freenet versions.
While there remains a bit of work to do currently it's in a place where
it's ready to be tested.

So, if you could install the package, configure and run Freenet,
reporting any findings it would be really helpful to move this project

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the guide. You can
simply install the package via Packagecloud following the instructions:

In a nutshell:

$ curl -s
| sudo bash
$ apt install freenet

Packagecloud is a free solution for hosting and distributing
Debian/Fedora etc packages.
I’m using it as it eases the installation process. Once the package is
ready for prime time we may choose another solution.

You can see the package guide here[2] with details on the directory
structure used. You can also see the default configuration used here[3].

Some details:
- Freenet version: 1494
- Target OS(es): Debian/Ubuntu (tested), Debian and Ubuntu derivatives
(not tested)

If you choose to help test the package (thank you!) take into account
that the package is unstable and should not be used for normal

Best regards

 [1]: https://packagecloud.io/desyncr/freenet/install

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