Dear Freenauts,

Freenet 0.7.5 build 1494 is now available.

(read this announcement on the website:

This build improves six broad areas:

- streaming on demand,
- configuration,
- security,
- windows installer and tray,
- the debian package, and
- tools.

## Streaming Audio and Video on Demand

Streaming provides improved video and audio:

- Video sizes are more robust when the size changes between subsequent videos.
- Audio tags no longer try to display the overlay.

This finally enables convenient Samizdat Radio.

## Configuration

To help modernize the configuration of existing nodes,
Freenet now shows a user alert once every Freenet update if the datastore is
below 10% of available space with a link to the store size wizard page
to make it easy to increase the store. Thanks to Trivuele!

Also the bandwidth settings now parse the bit suffix correctly
(lowercase b in kbps is bit, not byte).

## Security

Freenet received improvements to security both for friend to friend
mode, for opennet, and to tools for Freesites.

Friend-to-Friend mode now randomizes pitch black defense times
and waits at least 12 hours between pitch black mitigations
to prevent timing attacks.

Opennet is hardened by disabling the write local to datastore
functionality when opennet is enabled; it can be useful on a
small darknet, but on opennet it makes it easier to find downloaders.
Thanks to Trivuele!

Also a FOAF mitigation was fixed. It wasn't operational before,
because it lacked a conversion to percent. Thanks to

The /imagecreator/ tool, among other changes, now ensures
that requested image sizes are sane — thanks to Oleh from Redwerk

Finally it’s now easier to build fred without network access. Thanks
to Trivuele!

## Bugfixes

In addition to these improvements, bugs got fixed:

- fix build with modern Java: add opens jvmargs on java 17.
- remove Frost on ChatForumsToadlet from non-updated translations
  (removed 2019 from the original english).
- fix parts of the German translation.
- Do not store blocks in the cache, if they are eligible for the store
  (should increase usable cache size). Thanks to Trivuele!

## Windows Installer and Tray

The windows installer and tray application much more robust detection
of the installed Java — thanks to naejadu.

The windows installer and the tray application now detect Java on your
path, and the installer only prompts installing Java if there is none
yet. The installer also installs a clean adoptium Java 11, almost
halving the installer size.

And the tray toggles additional arguments depending on your Java
version to keep Freenet working when Java is updated to version 16 or

## Debian Package

Thanks to DC*, who also ported Freenet [to Android][android-package],
There is finally a Debian package available. It still needs testing.

If you run Debian or a distribution based on Debian, or can help get the 
package included in Debian, please heed the
[call for beta-testers][debian-package-beta-test]!

    $ curl -s
    | sudo bash
    $ apt install freenet

(maybe read the script before you directly execute it like this)

The debian package accompanies our existing 
 which spearheaded packaging completely from source, and the [Arch aur 

## Tools: media-site and freenetbrowser

Two new tools simplify publishing media in Freenet and using freenet
with stronger protections.

- Generate Media Site is a utility to create sites with streaming media on 
- freenetbrowser auto-generates a separate browser-profile on GNU/Linux
  and can install a Freenet node with randomized IP and Port, preventing
  port detection (for example by unsafe local services).

After installing `freenetbrowser` (see the README), you can visit the example 
page for generate media site with:

    freenetbrowser --install 

This provides a simple streaming setup and a handler for Freenet URIs.

A big thank you to all contributors and reviewers
for getting this release in shape!

And thank you for using Freenet!

## Contribute

If you want to help us get better, please chat with us in <a 
href="|?#freenet" id="chatlink" 
class="btn button-custom btn-custom-two">#freenet @</a>. And 
give us time to answer, we’re all volunteers and might not be in your timezone.

To get into development right-away, have a look at one of the 
[Freenet-Projects]( or just get 
[fred]( and fix something that annoys you.

And to take on something that makes a big difference, have a look at the 
[high-impact tasks](

## What is Freenet?

Freenet is a peer-to-peer platform for  
censorship-resistant and privacy-respecting  
publishing and communication.

> I worry about my child and the Internet all the time, even though
> she's too young to have logged on yet. Here's what I worry about. I
> worry that 10 or 15 years from now, she will come to me and say
> 'Daddy, where were you when they took freedom of the press away from
> the Internet? --Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

That Freenet can keep moving forward and help people worldwide to 
exercise their basic rights and freedoms is the work of amazing 
volunteers, both contributors and people running Freenet nodes. 

Thank you for your contributions, and thank you for using Freenet!

\-- AB

> **Install Freenet** for **[Windows][windows-installer]**, for **[GNU/Linux 
> and other *nixes][linux-installer]**, or for **[Android][android-package]**. 
> See the [download page][download page] for more information and other 
> platforms.

[download page]: pages/download.html

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heißt politisch sein,
ohne es zu merken.

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