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>> 2016-09-15 9:38 GMT+02:00 Vincent Massol <vinc...@massol.net>:
>>> Hi devs,
>>> We are trying to reduce the size of oldcore (been working on it for years
>>> ;)). We currently have code for XAR import and export in several places in
>>> oldcore.
>>> I’d like to define the strategy that we’d like to follow in the future for
>>> moving this code out.
>>> Let’s see what we have and what it could become:
>>> * An existing ‘filter" module outside of oldcore to import/export XAR.
>>> * An action for exporting a XAR: ExportAction. Future: make it a new URL
>>> type with components as we’ve done for webjars
>>> * An action for importing a XAR: ImportAction. Future: make it a new URL
>>> type with components as we’ve done for webjars
>>> * A UI at the page level to export a page as a XAR. Future: add an UIXP in
>>> export_modal.vm and plugin the XAR option as an UIX
>>> * 2 Uis in the admin to import and export XARx. Future: convert those for
>>> ConfigurableClass.
>>> * A legacy  “packaging” plugin with oldcode to import XARs. Future: retire
>>> it in xwiki-contrib and rewrite the Import/Export Admin UI to use the new
>>> XAR filter from the filter module.
>>> * Ancillary classes such as XARImport*/XARExport* events.
>>> So the question is where to put those?
>>> Proposal: xwiki-platform-xar
>>> =====================
>>> I think what would make the most sense would be to continue the XAR module
>>> started by Thomas: xwiki-platform-xar.
>>> It would go like this:
>>> xwiki-platform-xar
>>>  |_ xwiki-platform-xar-api (what’s currently in xwiki-platform-xar + Java
>>> code from oldcore defined above)
> Note: the module containing actual XAR format tools (i.e. the current
> xwiki-platform-xar module) should stay light on the dependencies and
> not depend on anything like oldcore so if you plan to move actions we
> will need two different modules.

Yes, we could call it xwiki-platform-xar-model


>>>  |_ xwiki-platform-xar-ui (the ui part of the oldcore code above)
>>>  |_ xwiki-platform-xar-filter (the move from xwiki-platform-filter-stream-
>>> xar)
>>> WDYT?
>>> The other option that I like less would be to group everything under the
>>> filter module but it doesn’t seem good. I’d prefer to keep this module
>>> generic as much as possible and have “business” modules using it (XAR
>>> import/export, Confluence import/export, MediaWiki,import/export, etc).
>>> Thanks
>>> -Vincent

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