Hi devs,

After discussing with XWiki SAS internally here’s a list of items that’s 
interesting to fix for XWiki SAS (in that order, from top to bottom) from now 
till end of the year (i.e. 8.4.x).

The goal is to try to take as many issues as possible from this list, starting 
from top to bottom.

Process I propose:
* For each dev, take an issue that is the closest possible from the top and 
work on it. Put your name on http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/ and 
assign yourself to the jira issue.
* Once done, repeat.
* The names put below are just indicative and should be considered as ideas of 
devs who could work on them.

Ordered list (top is most important):

* Periodic crashes with ClassLoader related locking issue - XWIKI-13792 - Thomas
* Admins should be able to decide the order in which apps are displayed in the 
Applications Panel - XWIKI-13075 - Guillaume
* When I'm in full mode I would like to save directly without returning to 
normal Edit Mode - CKEDITOR-112 - Marius?
* Make the WYSIWYG admin UI display configuration for all available WYSIWYG 
editors - XWIKI-13654 - Marius?
* Sort Recommended Extensions by Ratings when no search query is specified - 
XWIKI-13779 - Thomas
* When inserting large images while editing, it should all fit, the user should 
not need to scroll to the right to see it all. - CKEDITOR-108 - Marius?
* Clarify the Hamburger Menu - XE-1582 - Guillaume
* Provide an option in the AWM wizard that creates a Template Provider for the 
app - XWIKI-13761 - Marius?
* Solr search UI is still very slow - XWIKI-13192 - Thomas
* Provide a way to filter templates in the creation step - XWIKI-13762 - 
* Simplify creation of New link to new page in CKEditor - CKEDITOR-116 - Marius?
* Cannot upgrade the CKEditor extension - XE-1570 - Guillaume?
* Cannot delete document with many large attachments - XWIKI-8910 - Thomas
* For regular users, "Data" level is confusing in the Pages tree for an 
application created with App Within Minutes - XWIKI-13360 - Guillaume?
* Customizing the PDF export CSS could cause a NPE - XWIKI-13457 - Vincent
* The parent-child relationship of a page is not updated during a move - 
XWIKI-13493 - Marius?
* Add Check List of actions to perform to create first content in XWiki with 
links to video tutorials - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* --Attachments are not copied from a Template Provider - XWIKI-13524 - Edy--
* Extension Manager add extension search should suggest only compatible 
versions - XWIKI-9920 - Thomas?
* Hard to understand which is the default value for Profile's Preferences 
entries (edit/view mode) - XWIKI-7715 - Guillaume
* Adding a new overriding template resulted in the creation of 190 
XWikiSkinFileOverrideClass - XWIKI-13179 - Thomas?
* Demo Content Inside XE - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* Admin UI to allow disabling tours on a given wiki or for all wikis - TOUR-50 
- Guillaume?
* Bad Image Scaling Quality - XWIKI-7623 - Guillaume?
* See to which groups a user belongs to - XWIKI-1901 - Guillaume?
* Make a tool to evaluate the status of the hierarchy before running the nested 
spaces migrator - NPMIG-46 - Guillaume
* Hide "XWiki" space from Navigation Tree - (Missing JIRA) - ?
* Reorder the  "Create a Page" menu steps in a more coherent way - XE-1588 - 
* Allow resetting changes found by the "Compute change" feature of EM - 
XWIKI-13747 - Thomas
* Admin tools doesn't work anymore on 8.0+. In general test features to see if 
they work in 8.3+ - ADMINTOOL-45 + ADMINTOOL-46 + ... - Alex
* Add highlighted text to invite newcomers to click on the edit button to start 
modifying content - XE-1583 - Caty?
* Change the user type for the Admin user to 'simple' - XE-1580 - Guillaume?
* Page creation date should be the date of the installation - XWIKI-7058 - 
* Add an administration control panel for the redirects created on rename - 
XWIKI-13385 - Guillaume?
* Add "Index Page" Template  - TEMPLATES-7 - Caty?
* Deactivate "section editing" by default and/or hide them in CSS and display 
them with hover - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* Change saved into a LESS SSX that is already cache does not always get 
recompiled  - XWIKI-13300 - Thomas?
* Have an option to edit directly in full screen mode - XWIKI-13793 - Marius?
* Add support for nested spaces in Distribution Wizard report - XWIKI-12270 - 
* Remove XWiki Enterprise and transform it into a Knowledge Base Flavor - 
XE-1581 - Thomas
* Replace Home Page with actual content and move current Home page to a 
documentation page accessible from that home page - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* Move "Last modified by" next to "Create by" - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* Display sponsored extensions on extensions.xwiki.org - XINFRA-211 - Vincent
* Implement a View mode in addition to Standard/Advanced, with cookie based 
setting - (Missing JIRA) - Caty?
* Put the "Add a new page" button is (really) outside of the Menu relating to 
the current page (because it's about another page) - XE-1587 - Caty?
* Allow searching for Forum discussions - XAFORUM-144 - Alex
* Rights can be lost after a migration - NPMIG-20 - Guillaume
* Missing indexes in 3.2 index auto creation system - XWIKI-7125 - Thomas?
* LESS compilation of SSX may sometimes generate invalid CSS with missing 
colors - XWIKI-13299 - Guillaume?
* Allow upgrading a flavor in Distribution Wizard - XWIKI-12148 - Guillaume?
* Use the language set for the Main Wiki for newly created subwikis - 
XWIKI-11431 - Guillaume
* Deactivate messaging feature by default - XWIKI-10543 - Alex?
* Clarify advanced Users "Edit Menu" + use the term "Duplicate" instead of 
"Copy" in the wheel menu - XWIKI-13774 - Caty?
* Maps not working because of missing API key - MAP-13 - Alex
* When leaving the edit mode without saving, notify the user that there are 
changes he needs to save - XWIKI-6927 - Guillaume?
* Allow inviting global groups to a subwiki - XWIKI-7531 - Guillaume?
* Make the "redirect" option on page rename configurable - XWIKI-13384 - Marius?
* Add an option to disable automatic silent merges when upgrading an extension 
- XWIKI-12705 - Thomas
* Redesign the delete UI to look more like the other refactoring actions - 
XWIKI-12548 - Guillaume?
* In the CKEditor, I would like the toolbar to be displayed in one line (and 
not 2)  - CKEDITOR-110 - Marius?

== Dates ==

* 8.4RC1: 31 October 2016
* 8.4Final: 7 November 2016
* 8.4.1: 21 November 2016
* 8.4.2: 5 December 2016
* 8.4.3: 19 December 2016
* 8.4.4: 9 January 2017 (to account for Christmas + new Year celebrations)


Note that I’ve put this on http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/

@Non XWIKI-SAS developers: please add any item you’d like to work on to the 
list and on http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/ and put your name 
next to it!  (that’s if you wish to make it visible to all, no pressure ;)).


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