IMO maintaining outside of platform and out of sync an application
that is supposed to help using it is going to be a nightmare. It's
pretty much impossible to have demo content in it for any feature more
recent that its minimum supported version.

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 5:15 PM, Vincent Massol <> wrote:
> Hi devs,
> We have 2 topics to decide:
> * Topic 1: Right now we have 2 help applications. We need to decide if we 
> merge them or not.
> * Topic 2: Decide if we keep the Help Center app in contrib or if we move it 
> in platform.
> * Topic 3: Decide if we fold the Sandbox into the Help Center
> * Topic 4: Decide how we handle data created/modified by users when we 
> upgrade or for newcomers.
> Re topic 1, my preference goes to having a single help application and fold 
> what’s currently in the platform help app into the Help center. There’s no 
> reason that knowing how to edit a page would be more or less core than 
> knowing the syntax markup or the Tips Panel.
> Re topic 3, I don’t think that the sandbox app is really that useful as a 
> standalone app and I would be for merging it into the Help application.
> Re topic 4, there are 2 issues I can think of:
> - when new users come in, if the pages that are supposed to be modified 
> (sandbox + the 2 bundled AWM apps) have been heavily modified, then newcomers 
> won’t see the default content and could just be seeing defaced content.
> - if the pages have been modified by the user + by the help app then on XWiki 
> upgrade there’ll be conflicts.
> One idea for topic4 is to have the Help app spawn new pages (ie pages not 
> bundled by the Help app itself) for users to try them out, by having some 
> “try it out” button.
> Re topic 2, the issue with keeping the help center app outside of platform is 
> that we need to support documentation for multiple versions of XWiki. For 
> example, we modified the page menu in Xwiki 9.4 and there are over 10 
> screenshots to update. However users of XWiki 8.4 (for ex) can also install 
> this app and if they get the new documentation, it won’t match what they see 
> in their wiki. The same can be said with the new notification feature for 
> example.
> The advantage of moving it in platform is that it’s in sync with the platform 
> (ie less work) but we should only document platform features in it. It also 
> means longer release times since it’s linked to the release of platform. Note 
> that the rationale for having it in platform would be that platform help is a 
> core feature.
> We could (and probably should) offer some places in the Help Center so that 
> Extensions could plug their help. And we could probably refactor a bit the 
> current content of the help center to move help for feature in the extension 
> UI part of those extensions.
> Considering all aspects I think my preference goes to having it in platform 
> since I don’t think we have the manpower to maintain doc for all versions of 
> XWiki.
> Thanks
> -Vincent

Thomas Mortagne

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