Hi devs,

On Matrix/IRC, I’ve posted the following:

* Guillaume Delhumeau: BTW your naming is strange for the internal package
* for ex: package org.xwiki.notifications.preferences.internal.email;
* normally we put internal just after the main package part
* ie.
* org.xwiki.notifications.internal.*
* and org.xwiki.notifications.* for public classes
* see 
* General rule is org.xwiki.(module name).internal.
* I see thomas has done the same “error" for org.xwiki.job.handler.internal and 
org.xwiki.job.handler.internal.question . So maybe there's something to 
* I guess we have a mix of both now so we should discuss it and adjust our 
rules if need be

So I think we don’t have all the same rules/understanding of the definition at 

I’d like to discuss with you to see what you prefer and adjust our rules so 
that it matches what we do in practice.

Any take in this?


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