I tried to install CDK 2.1 with 2.0 still on my machine as I didn't want to
remove it.

It turns out it's not that hard but no documentation around this that I
could find. The installation guide assumes it's a clean install.

Can we add a section to the docs or adjust the installer so it's easier to
do this and not remove the previous installed version? Furthermore, is
there any way to actually upgrade and is this something we are thinking of

Steps that need to be added change the Vagrant file in the CDK directory

    config.vm.box = "cdkv2.1"

Change the box name to the same as above

    vagrant box add --name *cdkv2.1*

Under $HOME/.vagrant/boxes/cdkv2.1/0/libvirt edit the Vagrant file and add
the line

   libvirt.random_hostname = 'true'

To create a domain name with extra information on the end to prevent
hostname conflicts [1] i.e. with the CDK 2.0 install that uses
"rhel-ose-default" and if you already have another installed it doesn't

Please point me to the JIRA instance if this is easier discussed and
handled via JIRA. If there's a better way of doing this also please let me
know. I am no expert when it comes to vagrant or libvirt.


[1] https://github.com/vagrant-libvirt/vagrant-libvirt#provider-options
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